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How do you define support and resistance?

Support is always below the current price that does not break easily. The price will not fall sharply due to support level. This level is considered to be very important in the market and often the price is pushed back by touching it. Maximum buyers are sitting at the support level. So when they reach that price point, they buy the stock and take the share price back up. Number of bounce back of price during perticular support breakdown is indicate strong support level.

Support levels

How to consider resistance level

Resistance is always above the current market price that resist price to go up sharply. Resistance level nothing but number of sellers present at that price point to sell that stock. Many trader are using support and resistance as trading signal. We will discuss in further blog. Price does not break resistance easily after many time rejection will happen and then price break that perticular resistance. Number of price rejection at the time of resistance breakout is sign of strength of that resistance level. This point is very important keep in mind.

How do you use support and resistance?

In above paragraph we discussed many trader use as support & resistance level like trading signal. When the price near the support level people often trying to buy stock and then price goes near resistance level people sell that stock and book the profit.

This things actually works in the market, when you observe it then only understand power of support and resistance. We can mention support as (buyer zone) and resistance as (seller zone). Hope you guys are clear.

Once the price Breakout Resistance level and that level is work as support for that price.

With help of this not only you enter in good trade but also you will exit and book your profile.

What is the difference between resistance and support level?

Again very good question, I hope you have your answer for this question. Fine, Resistance level is level form in chart at perticular site which has maximum number of seller. At same price point they sell there stocks and share price again goes down. 

Support level is that which has maximum number of buyer at that perticular price point. Price come near that price buyer get active and buy aggressively and rise stock price. This cycle is continuously running when the stock market is live. 

We can also called as stock market nothing but it is war in between buyer and seller they are trying to dominate each other.

How do you draw support and resistance?

In chart support and resistance drawing is very easy let me explain. Share Price is come to a perticular point and bounce up many time from that same position. Draw horizontal line and join each price peak to draw a support line. Support resist price to go down. 

Same as about Resistance level. Share price goes up to a perticular price point and reject from that position many time. Connect that price peaks by horizontal line that is resistance level. Resistance level is resist price to go up.

What is the best indicator for support and resistance?

What is the best indicator for support and resistance?
What is the best indicator for support and resistance?

You can also manually determine support and resistance level by considering a perticular price point. Many indicator in market for technical analysis and automatic determine support level and resistance level.
Among them I personally use pivot indicator and febonacci value for accurate finding buyer and seller zone. We would be discuss in details further blog till the time you can see interface of that indicator in you trading platform. Every trading software has same kind of indicator.  I personally use trading view interface for technical analysis & also above chart image is from . 

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