Download Arogya Sevak (Health Worker) Previous Question Paper Feb-2021. आरोग्य सेवक भरती परीक्षा प्रश्नपत्रिका Feb - 2021

Download Arogya Sevak (Health Worker) Previous Question Paper and syllabus, exam patter, useful Study material and books.


  1. Arogya Sevak Previous Question Paper 2021.
  2. Arogya Vibhag Syllabus for all posts.
  3. Arogya Sevak Previous Question paper 2015.
  4. Arogya Sevak Previous Question paper 2017.
  5. Important Books for Arogya Bharti.

Download Arogya Sevak (Health Worker) Previous Question Paper and syllabus, exam patter, useful Study material and books. आरोग्य सेवक भरती परीक्षा प्रश्नपत्रिका Feb - 2021. We have brought you some important Previous question Papers and some important Practice Questions and also Syllabus for Arogya Vibhag Bharti. 

1. Arogya Sevak Questions paper of Feb: 2021

1. Social Superintendent (Medical)  Download
2. Multipurpose Health Worker  Download
3. Junior Clerk Arogya Vibhag Download
4. Driver Download
5. Laboratory Technician Download
6. Senior Clark Download
7. Pharmacy officer Download
8. Staff Nurse Download
9. Statistical Analyst Download
10. Counscelor Download
11. Telephone Operator Download
12. Non-Medical Assistance Download
13. Laboratory Assistant Download
14. Electrician Transport Download
15. Psychiatric Social Worker Download
16. Laboratory Scientific officer Download
17. laboratory Scientific Officer 30% Download
18. X-Ray Scientific Officer Download
19. Occupational Therapists Download
20. Plumber Download
21. Chemical Assistant Download 
22. Blood Bank scientific officer Download 

2. Arogya Bharti Syllabus for all posts 

SR NO Section Name Topic Name 
1 English Grammar Grammar (Synonyms, Antonyms, Spelling, Punctuation, Tense.
Vocabulary (Use of Idioms and Phrases and there meaning, Expressions)
Fill in the blanks in sentence
Simple Sentence structure

2 Marathi Grammar मराठी व्‍याकरण (वाक्‍यरचना, शब्‍दार्थ, प्रयोग, समानार्थी शब्‍द , विरुद्धार्थी शब्‍द)
भाषा सौंदर्य (उपमा, अलकार, म्‍हणी व वाकप्रचार यांचा अर्थ वाक्‍यात उपयोग, सर्वसामान्य शब्‍दसंग्रह इत्‍यादी)
प्रसिद्ध पुस्तके आणि त्यांचे लेखक
योग्‍य जोडया लावा. 

3 General Knowledge

Current Affairs (India and Maharashtra),
Indian History- Civics,
Indian Geography,
Indian Constitution,
General Science,
Sports and Culture,
Right to Information Act 2005 and Maharashtra Public Service Act 2015,
Information and Technology Related Basic Knowledge.

4 Logical Ability Aptitude Test,
Basic Arithmetic Knowledge, 
Mathematics (Numeric, Algebra, Geometry, Statistic)
General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environment Science. 

5 Subject Related Knowledge 


3. Arogya Sevak Questions paper of Feb: 2015

1 Arogya Sevak Question paper Bhandara 2015 Download 
2 Arogya Sevak Question paper Hingoli 2015 Download 
3 Arogya Sevak Question paper Beed 2015
4 Arogya Sevak Question paper Aurangabad 2015
5 Arogya Sevak Question paper Jalgaon 2015
6 Arogya Sevak Question paper Solapur 2015
7 Arogya Sevak Question paper Nanded 2015
8 Arogya Sevak Question paper Amarawati 2015
9 Arogya Sevak Question paper Yavatmal 2015
10 Arogya Sevak Question paper Buldhana 2015
11 Arogya Sevak Question paper Pune 2015
12 Arogya Sevak Question paper Chandrapur 2015
13 Arogya Sevak Question paper Jalna 2015

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