Optometry and Ophthalmology MCQ, Part-11

01. Wavelength is best defined as:

a. One complete oscillation
b. The maximum displacement of an imaginary particle on the wave from the baseline
c. The distance between two symmetrical parts of the wave motion✓
d. Any portion of a cycle

  • One complete oscillation refers to a cycle .
  • maximum displacement of an imaginary particle on the wave from the baseline is amplitude.
  • Any portion of a cycle is called a phase

02. Destructive interference is seen in:

a. Corneal epithelium
b. Refraction
c. Antireflective lens coatings✓
d. Photochromic lenses

03. Which of the following is not a test of stereoacuity?

a. Titrnus
b. Frisby
c. Pelli-Robson✓
d. TNO

04. power of a lens with focal length 10cm?

a. 10D✓
b. 1/10D
c. 1D
d. 100D
Use formula D=1/f

05. The unit of illuminance is:

a. Lumen
b. Lux (lumen per square metre)✓
c. Candelas (lumen per steradian)
d. Watts per steradian

Lumen is the unit for luminous flux, candelas (lumen per steradian) for luminous intensity and Watts per steradian for radiant intensity.

06. The spherical equivalent of a lens with power +3.00 DS/-2.00 DC is:

a. +1.00 DS
b. +2.00 DS✓
c. -5.00 DS
d. -1.00 DS

Spherical equivalent = sph+ cyl/2

07. Transpose the power -4.0DS/-3.00 DC x 45

a. -4.00 DS/+3.00 DC x 135
b. +4.00 DS/-3.00 DC x 135
c. -7.00 DS/+3.00 DC x 135✓
d. -7.00 DS/-3.00 DC x 135

08. Transpose +1.00 DS/+1.00 DC x 90 to toric formula with base curve -2 D:

a. +3.00 DS
-2.00 DC x 180/-3.00 DC x 90
b. + 4.00 DS
-2.00 DC x 90/-3.00 DC x 180 ✓
c. +3.00 DS
-2.00 DC x 90/-1.00 DC x 180
d. +1.00 DS
-2.00 DC x 90/-3.00 DC x 180

09. The power -2.00DS/+1.5DC x 75 is

a. Simple myopic astigmatism
b. Compound myopic astigmatism✓
c. Compound hypermetropic astigmatism
d. Mixed astigmatism

If sph and cyl with different sign and cyl less than sph, it should be transposed first. The
above power becomes -0.5DS/-1.50DC 165
Mixed astigmatism occurs only if sph and cyl with different sign and cyl more than sph (eg -1.5DS/+2.0DC 90)

10. Which of the following is not a problem with spectacle correction of aphakia?

a. Image magnification
b. Ring scotoma
c. Pin-cushion distortion
d. Barrel distortion✓

Barrel distortion occurs with high minus lenses

11. infants are born with

A. Myopia
B. Hypermetropia✓
C. Astigmatism
D. Emmetropia

12. Simple myopia usually does not exceed

A. 9D
B. 3D
C. 6D✓
D. 12D

13. Which of the following is degenerative myopia

A. Congenital
B. Simple
C. Pathological✓
D. All

14. refractive esotropia is seen commonly in

A. Myopia
B. Hypermetropia✓
C. Astigmatism
D. Presbyopia

15. Radial keratotomy is used to correct

A. Myopia✓
B. Hypermetropia
C. Astigmatism
D. Presbyopia

16. In compound hypermetropic astigmatism

a. both the foci are in front of retina
b. both the foci are behind the retina✓
c. one focus is in front and one focus is behind the retina
d. none of the above

17.The complications of myopia include all EXCEPT

a. vitreous degeneration
b. retinal detachment
c. cataract
d. closed angle glaucoma✓

18.the far point of a myopic eye is

a. Infront of the Corneal plane✓
b. On the corneal plane
c. Behind the retina
d. At infinity

19. In the absence of lens accommodation, a myopic eye focuses images:

a. in front of the lens
b. In front of the retina✓
c. behind the retina
d. Behind the cornea

20. Which of the following is a risk factor for retinal detachment?

a. black race
b. male sex
c. Hypermetropia
d. myopia✓

21. At 6m distance from the patient, the 6/6 letters shall subtend an angle of ________ in the eye .

a. 1 minutes of arc
b. 1 degree
c. 5 minutes of arc✓
d. 5 degrees

22. A person standing in front of mirror finds his image larger than himself. This implies that the mirror is :

a) Convex
b) Concave✓
c) Plane
d) Parabolic

23. Retinoscopy on a -2.00D myope at 2/3 meters, neutralization occurs with power

b. -1.0D
c. 0.0D
d. +0.5D

24. The refractive error associated with senile Nuclear cataract

a. Hypermetropia
b. Myopia ✓
c. Astigmatism
d. Presbyopia

25. Snellens chart is based on what type of visual acuity?

A. Min. visible
B. Min. resolution✓
C.Vernier acuity
D. All of the above

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